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Only for this section of my site, I have turned away from the light yellow background, in favor of a neutral dark gray. It makes the photos stand out better. Some other style changes have been made too.

Please make sure you have a good setting for the brightness and contrast controls of your monitor, and if you like the finer details, it would be good to care for gamma correction and color balance too!  In addition, for best viewing you will need to have a 1024x768 pixel screen, hopefully at 24 (or, at the very least, 16) bits of color depht. Enlarge the browser window to use the full screen, close all toolbars so that you get the largest possible active viewing area,  and you are ready to enter the following pages.

I have tried to reach a reasonable compromise between file size and quality for these photos. I know that some of you have a slow connection, and would like thumbnails, or higher compression, and I also know that others among you have a fast connection and would prefer higher quality. The only way to suit the tastes of you all would be to offer several different versions of each photo, and that goes beyond what I'm willing to do! I spent 8 days at a rate of 15 hours per day making the Photo Gallery, so take what I give you for free, and don't complain! :-)

All photos presented here (this includes the entire homo ludens site) were scanned from slides, using a Microtek Scanmaker 35t Plus film scanner. While the results are usually better than scanning from prints, please keep in mind that a JPG image on a computer screen is only a very, very poor copy of the original!  It hurts me time and again to see my bright, crisp, brilliant slides dulled down on the computer screen, but it's the best I can offer you over the web. If you want to see the originals, come to some of my slide shows!

I suggest that you visit the gallery pages from first to last. Each page has a link at the end to go to the next one. Your browser's "back" button can take you back, of course. Another link on each page can send you directly back to this page.

Here is the start of my Photo Gallery.

But if you absolutely want to jump to a specific page, here are the direct links:

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