People tend to devote their best efforts into building them, often producing very pleasing results. A detailed look can discover good photo opportunities. I will concentrate just on churches in Chile's northern third.

Andean chapel

Many such little churches were built by missionaries who came in the wake of the Spanish conquerors. Often the tower is separate from the nave. The high mountain climate and limited selection of material dictates the style of them.

Church door hinge

Wood was scarce, and metal even more so. This church door was made from cactus wood, the hinge being crafted from the knotty, very hard wood of a desert shrub.

Church roofing

Also made from cactus wood. This is a long time exposure employing the very dim light that enters the small windows.

Steel church

Reportedly built by Gustave Eiffel et Cie.

Inside the steel church.

Andacollo Cathedral

A small mining town, Andacollo gets huge numbers of visitors every Christmas, for its traditional three-day-long celebration. Catholic beliefs mix with other elements to produce an enthusing feast of swirling color, as the yellow-red dancer exemplifies. Dancers and pilgrims often come on foot in a two-day long exhausting march, finishing the trip on their knees and often even on their elbows! The cathedral floor is speckled by candle wax and polished by rubbing knees.
Photographing such an event requires considerable care in avoiding offense to believers.


Simple means can be most effective in setting moods.

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