There is one basic rule in photography: You must be carrying a loaded camera if you want to be able to make a photo! If you want to take advantage of any unexpected photographic opportunity, it's best to carry a camera at all times! A small pocket camera will be enough in most cases, since in these photos it's the opportunity that counts, not the artistry.

David and Goliath

Does this need any further comment...?

Wooden grill

I found this battered truck parked in Villarica, a city famous for its woodworking industry. Probably after a crash the owner was shocked by how ridiculously expensive the original plastic spare parts are!

Which speed limit?

Traffic signs in Chile are tremendously chaotic and confusing. In recent years some progress has been made, but still it's easy to encounter situations such as this one, on the road to Lenga. The two speed limits are placed at 2 meter distance from each other.
Over the years I have collected a huge amount of photos of funny signs, not only traffic-related, but almost all of them require Spanish knowledge to be understood. Maybe I make a special page later, for Spanish speakers only. It will be a lot of fun!

A rabbit fence?

No. When this fence was built, it was tall enough to keep cattle confined. But then it was almost completely buried under more than one meter of volcanic ash, courtesy of Hudson Volcano in the background.

Down the tower

One of the many things I have to do in my job is maintaining meteorological equipment. Some of it is installed on towers. This photo was made from the top of such a tower. Yes, I bring my camera to every place! And yes, the small white thing down there is a real car, not a toy.

Little interruption

But I too want to play, dad!

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