Water lends life to any photo, they say. There's enough water on other photos in my galleries, but still I wanted to point out two important properties of water in photos:

Blue lake

Most people think that the blue color in water comes from reflected skylight. To a great extent this is true, in most situations. However water in itself is not totally clear, but slightly blue, and some bodies of water have their distinct own color, caused by certain substances in it. It can be greenish from algae, brown from silt, red from oxides...
This terminal lake is furiously blue, despite the overcast gray sky, thanks to vast amounts of copper salts dissolved in it. The white deposits at the shores are from the same salts, only that the air is so dry here at 4500 meter altitude, that the salts appear as white powder rather than blue crystals!

Flowing river

The best way to express the life in water is by letting it flow in the picture. Don't be afraid of long shutter times when photographing moving water!

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