Among the funniest subjects are fellow photographers. Don't miss the chance to record their antics!

My brother

This time the camera pouch was actually not in front of the lens!  Maybe the strap was... or at least a finger!

My sister

Photographing the fish...


His contrasty attire would have been a test for any film!


On a mountain trip, he spent a day watching me photograph lichens and insects. Then he tried the same - with a lens that can't focus close, and in dismal lighting conditions. Still, it's a start!


On top of Monte Araucano, she wanted to make a photo of us. But the summit was so small that she had to step back. Right to the abyss, 300 meter of vertical wall! And there was gusty wind! She leaned over and made her photo.

She survived. Photographers are hard to kill.

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