Self portraits

A great asset for life consists in being able to laugh not only about others, but also about oneself. Shooting self-portraits is part of this training. But it can be embarassing to show them!

Testing the batter

While not disclosed elsewhere on this site, making pies, cookies and related bakery products is another hobby of mine. Here you can see my 16 year old self, enjoying chocolate batter residue after pushing the cake into the oven.

How many lightbulbs does it take...

...for making a self-portrait? Just one, mirrored, if you have sun to light the scene. Otherwise, add another to provide the light.
How many photographers it takes to change that light bulb, is another matter.


I had barely enough hands for all those microphones, operating my homemade radios. Those were times... just pimples, and no beard yet!

I have not stopped shooting self-portraits. But they have 20 years clearance time...  So, for the time being, you will only get to see me as a 16-year-old!

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