Cities and towns

I'm not a devoted city photographer, much preferring nature. Here's one city and two towns. It's all I have!


This is known as one of Chile's most beautiful cities. It is crossed by a maze of waterways and surrounded by green landscape, even if its famous rain forest is, for the most part, gone.

Andean town

There are many such towns in the high mountains. Only few of these houses are inhabited year-round. The climate is harsh up here. They are either used for seasonal dwelling, or only for a few days a year, during religious festivities.


These ancient towns live a constant struggle of modernity against tradition. Some have totally lost their Andean character, while other towns strive to preserve it, even if making concessions such as allowing light poles and wires.

If you expected to see skyscrapers and glass facades, I will have to disappoint you. I can't find much aesthetic in them.

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