Roughly 80% of my photos show landscapes. For that reason, I cannot give any guarantee that the dozen I selected for this page are among the best. Still, I hope you can enjoy them.

Llaima volcano

The lake in the foreground was created after an eruption a few decades ago, when the lava closed up the valley.

Atacama salt lake

In summer, only small extensions of water remain. This water is completely saturated with salt.


Andean high steppe and salt lake

Several species of camelids are endemic to this area.

Misty Araucaria forest

The Araucaria trees are very ancient. People with a florid fantasy tend to imagine dinosaurs suddenly breaking out of such forests!

The evil of mankind

In the 1940s, enormous areas of rain forest were burned down in Chile's south to make room for farms. This caused a drastic climate change. The area is now a dry steppe, useless for agriculture, the fertile soil having been carried away by erosion. Like accusing fingers, the charred remains of once mighty trees still stand guard over the dead landscape.

Three-plane landscape

The Paine Massif

In one of the local aboriginal languages, "Paine" means "blue".


High altitude plains in the Andes mountains can often offer unexpected views!


Lascar volcano

What happened here is very much the same process that made Mount St. Helens in the USA so famous. Basically the entire top of the volcano blew off, causing a massive pyroclastic flow. The Lascar continues at a high level of activity.

Tolhuaca volcano

Seen from the summit of the neighboring Lonquimay volcano. Views like this one are the reason why I keep climbing mountains!

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