Our feathered friends are nice subjects, but most of them are totally unable to hold still. And most of them don't like humans, not even photographers. So, it's always a struggle to come close enough. A very long lens helps, but other tricks must usually be used.

Martín pescador

This fisher bird usually does not allow any human to come closer than about 18 meter. But it will not recognize people when they come in a boat! I came so close that I used a 50mm lens to make this photo! The bird was waiting for fish on this branch about a meter over the stream, and I came close to touch it with the lens! I could not use a longer lens because of the very low light level.


One of the smaller owl species in Chile, this night bird has a lovely face.
Surely mice will disagree!


Many birds will show you their backside as you come close. They do this so they can fly away from you if need arises. I fervently wish I could tell birds in some way that I have no intention of harming them! Too many hunters have conditioned them otherwise.

Young Peuco

A kind of eagle, this bird nests on rocky slopes. When I came close, this nestling opened its mouth, the typical attitude begging for food! It had not yet learned about the evil in so many humans.

Penguin nest

These birds are surprisingly trusting of humans. You can come almost close enough to touch them. But if you try to actually do so, you can expect a nasty wound in your hand! They are quick and have sharp beaks.
The young in the rear is just in the process of shedding its chick feathers and grow adult plumage.


A common bird of the northern Chilean sea shores, it is a capable wave soarer.


This colony spends part of the year in the Atacama Salt Lake, and moves to the northern hemisphere when the weather gets nasty here. Their colors, graduated from softest pink to violent red, and their graceful motions make them a joy to watch!


I have never understood why some people consider doves to be symbols of peace. They are among the most violent birds I have ever watched. Hardly a day passes for a male dove without fights.

Pelican crowd

When the fishers return ashore and clean their catch before bringing it to market, large numbers of pelicans assemble around the boat, disposing of every chunk of fish guts and heads that flies overboard. Hardly ever anything reaches the water, and then only because half a dozen long beaks collided in air, trying to catch the prize!

He and she

It's a good thing that I have no idea what comments they were making about me!

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