Homo ludens photographicus

Since starting to consider myself a homo sapiens, that is, age 5 or so, I wanted to have a camera. I got my first one when I was 12 years old. Since then, I have never been far from one! I take them wherever I go, and over the years I have collected over 10,000 slides.

While I intend to add more technical contents about photography, for now you will have to be content with just a glimpse into the past, a description of my equipment, my condensed wisdom about how to get best sharpness, and a quite comprehensive photo gallery including pictures taken over all of my photography career, from 12-years-old until recent times. Enjoy!

Photography in 1913: A few scans out of old Europe's largest camera manufacturer's catalog!

My photo equipment, old and new.

A lense roundup, that shows what each focal length can do. Including microphotography.

The Mighty Manfred/Manfrotto Tripod, homebuilt, sturdy, versatile and beautiful.

In the pursue of sharpness, including unsharp girlfriends.

The Photo Gallery includes a bit of everything, sorted by theme. Have a look, you will surely find some photos you like!

Stories in Photos: An extension to the gallery, showing longer photo series about various events.

Monitor adjustment: Here are a few test charts to see if your monitor is delivering halfways decent performance.
When Provia turned blue: Sloppy processing by commercial labs forced me to start home-processing my slides. Here's the equipment!

Making Lenses: Have a look at how one can make very usable lenses at home!

A photographer's camera: My ideas about a new camera that should appeal to many photographers.

The Color of White Light: Making a spectrometer, and using it to check the spectra of common light sources.

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