Be it pets or wild animals, they can steal the show!

Coquette lady

She even got makeup for the photo!

Slowly but steadily

Gardeners won't agree, but snails can be handsome!


This is a long-tailed rabbit that lives in the semidesertic mountain areas. It's very shy, so patience is required to find one.

Desert frog

They leave their infancy back in the valley ponds, and go climb the dry mountains! It's not rare to find this species of frog several km away from the nearest water!


Hunted very nearly to extinction for their tender meat and for their shells, used to make an Andean musical instrument, they are now recovering in some remote protected areas. This is the only one I have ever seen alive. It was very trusting, actually climbing onto my lap while I was setting up the camera!


This tree lizard turned out to like photographers. It posed with infinite patience while I shot all the photos I wanted. When I was done, and stored the camera away, suddenly it dashed up the tree.

Sea lions

Blood stains mark the place where these large predators eat their catch.

Felis concolor

The Puma is Chile's largest terrestrial predator. Encounters with it in the wild are neither frequent nor too rare. However, it takes a lot of patience to come close enough for a good photo! It's necessary to either get the cat accustomed to the photographers presence, or to hide and keep downwind.
No, a Puma will not eat you. It will not attack you. At the very most, it will defend its young if you come too close, but it will give you ample warning before.

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