Photographing people is always best when they are doing something. Sports give good chances. In most sports, it's all about motion. Knowing how to treat motion in photography is vital, while at the same time sports give the chance to learn this art.

About to land

When I photographed this parachutist many years ago, I never dreamed that I would later fly myself, using a paraglider, which is nothing more than a parachute highly optimized for gliding!

Take that!

Fast linear motion such as this can be effectfully frozen by moving the camera, following the subject. A sharp sportsman in front of a motion-blurred background best reflects the sensation of ski jumping!
It helps to focus in advance. After all, you know pretty well where the guy must fly by!


When the motion is not rectilinear, there are mainly two choices: Freeze it with a flash or a fast shutter speed, or let it blur! I chose the latter for this photo, as anyway I didn't want to flash into this activity.

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