Multiple exposures

Some cameras provide the user with a little lever that will disengage film winding while still allowing to wind up the shutter. Other cameras allow to do the same by pressing and holding the rewind button while winding. Still others have electronic control that allows to do the same. Only few decent cameras really give no way to do it. While multiple exposure is not a must, it does allow some nice playing.


I simply photographed the same round white lightbulb several times, from different distances, and using different color filters in front of the lens, without winding the film. Today this looks trivial, in the light of computer-based image creation tools, but when I made this photo many years back, projecting such a slide in a darkened room usually created a sensation!

My two brothers

But I have only one brother...  And no, he doesn't have double personality. He just posed two times for the same picture, kissing the air, while I used the split-prism in the viewfinder as alignment mark!

Middle ages

When I told my classmates that I wanted to photograph them into the fire, only Eduardo (at the right) understood and made the appropriate face. Ingrid was not very elated when I showed her the picture and talked about witch-burning in the middle ages! Which is not to compare her to a witch: She was one of the nicest classmates!

Behind bars

My dear grandparents never guessed that when I asked them to kindly pose for a photo in front of a dark wall, I had moments before shot a steel fence on the same frame!

Wine, Pisco and Whiskey don't combine well!

The second exposure here was done with the camera inverted and at considerably lower exposure level, giving this phantom effect.

Leo's nightmare

Leo is the poor guy who has to keep this helium liquefying plant running!

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