Weather phenomena

Since homo sapiens developed speech, the daily question has been: How's the weather? Whatever may be in store today, it can yield good photos!

Icy air

At great altitudes humidity often condenses into tiny crystals that scatter light. It's in situations like this when some people report having seen an UFO land...

Iridescent cloud

Rather rare in Chile, they are more commonly seen in tropical areas. Still, I got a few of them on film.


The most famous weather phenomenon, intense rain is rare where I live. A time exposure out of my bedroom window nicely captured it.

Rainy forest

Rain is no reason to leave the camera unused! Forest pictures show much better color, thanks to even lighting and the shininess provided by it. I usually take an umbrella for such work. It keeps the camera and my glasses dry.


Yes, you can photograph wind, as this picture shows!

Want some ice?

This is how one of the meteorological towers at my job looked after an ice storm. Even thin wires grew beards up to 30cm long! The silly anemometer at left tried to tell everybody that the wind speed was zero!

Lightning on La Silla

One of the most intimidating weather phenomena, lightning is a great photographic motive!

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