Implementing my paradise

The modern, "developed" world is just too noisy and hectic. Over the years I have felt progressively desperate about the permanent noise in the city, living by the clock, and so on. Never ending traffic, alarm sirens sounding hundreds of times per day for no reason at all, neighbors listening to ugly music and being kind enough to turn it up loud enough that I have to hear it too, neurotic dogs barking fifteen hours a day, jet aircraft taking off and cracking my windows with their noise. And the noise is not only acoustical! Electric noise has risen to the point that amateur radio activity in a city is getting close to impossible. There could be only one solution: Away from the city, back to nature!

After years of searching, my dream is finally starting to take shape. While I write this, I'm starting to set up home in a 40 hectare piece of land, acquired shortly ago. This part of my web site will describe, mostly in photos, the process of taking some abandoned farm land and lots of forest, and turning it into a paradise where one can live pleasantly, enjoying nature and silence.

Be my guest in enjoying the pictures in the following sections.

         Beautiful nature: A roundup of what my paradise has to offer

                Page 2 :  More beautiful views of nature! 

         Setting up camp : How to live in the car!

         Improving the road: To build a house, I need a road good enough to bring material in!

         Building the cabin:  How a little wooden house can be built in two weeks.

         Installing the water supply:   Bringing water from the spring to the little cabin.

         The Llaima volcano erupting!   A new year's surprise. Fireworks from nature!

         The microhydro installation : Setting up my own energy supply.

         Building the round house: The construction of my definitive home!

         When it snows in paradise : Some photos of winter.

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