Every photographer can show you a collection of sunsets. I'm no exception, and I have about a hundred or so in my archives... Here are a few, for your enjoyment.

Classical sunset

Sun and sea, underexposed to intensify the colors and keep the sun from washing out too much. With many cameras, this kind of photo can be made in point-and-shoot style, with no further photographer input required, since the automatic exposure system will anyway underexpose when looking at this kind of contrast!

Love-enhanced sunset

30 degrees latitude

At this latitude, sometimes the sunset colors can be quite spectacular. I don't know why this happens. But I have gotten pink, blue and even green sunsets!


A very small aperture combined with fast shutter speed in strong counterlight leads to this effect.

City sunset

A crazy winged cloud prompted me to press the shutter this time.

Isn't it supposed to be round?

Focusing on the foreground rather than infinity makes the sun blur into the hexagonal shape of the lens iris.

Three-plane evening

The rear plane is provided by the already set sun illuminating the sky. The central plane consists of dark trees. The front plane is artificially added by lighting the grasses with a flash.

There are some sunsets which just don't need a title.

Bad night for astronomy

This is the time when astronomers at the La Silla Observatory go to work. Even if the cloudy evening forecasts a useless night.
An astronomer's nightmare can be a photographer's dream!

The rear side

Sunsets must not always be photographed looking towards the setting sun! Often the opposite direction offers a sight at least as good!

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