For many photographers they are the main motives. For me, they are rather a secondary one. Still, good people photos can be enjoyable even to me!

Pouring salmon

Salmon farming involves moving them over from freshwater to saltwater at a certain stage of their development. The young fish are netted out of the water, transported in water filled buckets to this tank truck, and poured in, water and all, to be trucked to the sea.

Andacollo dancer

These dancer cofradies, known as "Bailes Chinos" (Chinese dances), place great care in their utterly detailed and colorful traditional dress.


For several summers we enjoyed trekking in the San Pedro lake area with a group composed of about 10 or 15 youths. Bieke was one of those who held the group together, and started things going! Like that morning when we rose shortly after midnight, to climb a mountain and enjoy sunrise up there!
Years later this idillic place was "developed", meaning that the forest was torn down and replaced by dozens of look-alike apartment buildings.

Receiving inspiration?

An example of how lighting can help a picture.

Boy nestling

It's just my brother sitting between agave plants! And well, yes, this is another example of lighting helping a photo!


One of my friends in the old times of the Balda box camera (fixed focus, fixed everything). The best way to make good kid pictures is to be a kid yourself! If you are one still, and you have a camera, I suggest that you photograph your friends wherever and whenever you can! You will be able to make better pictures than an adult can, simply because your friends will act more naturally when no grownup is around!

Roberto of the Big Nose

If you ever run into people who absolutely want you to spend film on them, you can stop their pestering with this technique: Put on a wide angle  lens, get close, and use strong side lighting!

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