Nature made them for the very purpose of looking nice!


Growing in very wet locations, the Chilco is the original fuchsia, from which garden fuchsias were derived. This photo won a prize in a contest.


Very common in Chile's forests.


A tree of Australian origin, after being introduced here it has expanded like a plague. But surely it is beautiful!
The flower balls have a diameter of about 8mm.


Photographed in a very special location: My terrace!


Another common Chilean flower.

Royal colors

Detail of some notro flowers.

Don't touch!

Dangling beauty

This plant climbs up on trees in the rain forest of southern Chile.

Porcelain flower

That's just the name. Nature did not use that material! This flower is very small. The droplet hanging in it can serve as size reference!

Lava colonist

This hardy plant is one of the first flowering colonists of newly formed lava surfaces. It shares them mostly with lichens.


A relative of the onion, it is one of the best known exhibits of the famed flowering desert, a phenomenon which happens in average once every ten years, when unusually intense rain raises the southern rim of the Atacama desert from its accustomed sleep to a frenzy of life.

Black beauty

It's no sin to take the color out of a flower by backlighting, every now and then!

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