Against the light

Cheap advice often given to photo novices includes turning one's back to the sun whenever possible. But turning one's back to that advice instead tends to produce better photos! The extreme contrast such photos often have poses severe problems for scanning, but such a slide projected on a screen can look very good!

Filigrane tree

Smoky port

The sun can often flare at the iris' blades, giving as many "sunrays" as there are blades. This is often an added element of creativity rather than a nuisance.

Light hole

Ski center

A "star filter" was used for this picture. I made it by scratching a glass at 45 degrees angles. You can also pay a lot of money for a ready-scratched glass...


Smoking the sun

The geysers of El Tatio are most active around sunrise. The scratched glass was used here too. I had my scratched-glass-epoch. Later I turned away from this effect.

The Tree

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