Boats and ships


Waiting for the launch signal, sailors of different categories keep position near the starting line. Intentional underexposure creates a very good slide, but which is really hard to scan adequately.


I specially like this composition of ferries on the Chacao channel, with all those horizontally oriented lines and a jet aircraft in the sky.

Chiloé sailboats

This traditional means of transport is being displaced by motor driven boats, but some people in Chiloé don't shy away from efforts to keep the great sailboats alive! Chiloé's boatbuilders have worldwide fame for their incredibly seaworthy products.

Helpful wind

Even for short-distance commuting, a modest sailboat is faster and more comfortable than a rowboat while being a lot less expensive than a motorboat!

Last foundering place

After decades of service to humans, this old ship now serves as a lookout post for seabirds. It looks forward to a dark future several meters further down.

Waiting forever

Hollowed tree trunks were the traditional boats of the aboriginal people in Chile's extreme south. Sicknesses imported from the Old World, starting to arrive with the Spanish conquerors and not ending till now, have completely wiped out these peoples. This is recent history; the 20th century started with a significant aboriginal population. This boat is waiting for its next voyage, which will never happen.

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