There was a time in my young life when I often went to airports, just to get a picture or two of low flying aircraft. This time is long gone, and during it I still used Agfa CT material. The pictures are grainy and faded, but here are a few, anyway...

Gusty takeoff

I wonder if the pilot had to change underwear after this flight?

Get down!

During an air festival, this pilot gave a show of low flight. The slow Piper is almost suspended in the air by strong headwind!


"The Falcons" are the aerobatic troupe of the Chilean Air Force. They do pretty extreme things with their Extra 300 aircraft! This close formation is just a welcome at the start. But the show was too fast and too far away for making good quality pictures with the lenses I had back then. I have many photos of crazy maneuvers, but no really good ones, sorry...

Looks like I will have to restart the habit of visiting airports!

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