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           Homo ludens for dummies: An explanation what it means.

       Homo ludens radioactivus : Ham radio

           The story of homo ludens radiactivus 
           Amputating a TM-241's heatsink
           Repetidoras de Radioaficionados de Chile: A table of Chilean ham radio repeaters, text in Spanish.
           Recordando a Emilio:  In Memoriam XQ5BIB, in Spanish.
           La Antena Multibanda XQ6FOD

          Tópicos de radio: In Spanish language. 

                    Estadísticas de la Red Nacional de Emergencia 
                    Selección de bandas
                    Micrófonos preamplificados
                    La mala propagación 
                    Reportajes de señales
                    Defectos en las transmisiones 
                    ¿Estaciones rusas en 40 metros?
                    El famoso balun
                    Tarros viejos
                    ¿Quién es el dueño de la frecuencia?
                    Baterías, fuentes de poder y lloriqueo

      Homo ludens radiohistoricus: Antique radio restoration

           The Cosmos mystery (1932?)
           Mystery radio (1933)
           Atwater Kent 206-X (1934)
           RCA T4-8 (1934)
           Acratone (1936?)
           RCA Victor 87T-1 (1938)
           Belmont 542 (1941)
           General Electric HE-740 (1941)
           General Electric JE61L (1942)
           Philips 916 X-10 (1947)
           RCA Chile (1948?)
           RCA Chile 5Q25-A (1950?)
           RCA Chile (CRC) 528-XM-6 "Acuarium" (1958?)
           Telefunken 648WP Trop "Caprice" (1962?)
           My first radio restoration, at age 13.

       Homo ludens electronicus (electronic projects)

           12 Volt fluorescent lamp drivers
           Active Hi-fi speakers
           13.8 Volt, 20 Ampere linear power supply
           13.8 Volt, 40 Ampere switching power supply
           Altimeter/Variometer for free  flying
           Linear solar panel regulator
           Switching solar panel regulator
           SWR meter for 1 to 1300 MHz
           DC-DC converters
           Plant watering timer
           Room heating controller
           Transformers and coils: Not a project but a tutorial about magnetic design.
           40 meter SSB QRP transceiver
           Mercury battery replacement
           An automatically tuned HF mobile antenna    Page 2  Page 3  Page 4  Page 5
           144MHz to 50MHz receive converter
           Controller for rotary film processor 
           Thermal design: Another tutorial.
           Small audio amplifiers
           12 Volt powered, 4x15 Watt quad audio amplifier
           FodTrack: My world-famous realtime satellite tracking system!
           Dynamo current and voltage regulator
           Hygrometer and hygrostat
           Equivalent Series Resistance meter
           Small AM transmitter
           80 Watt FM stereo transmitter
           Single cell LED flashlight
           12V powered 12V battery charger
           Electronic Load Controller for microhydro
           Awfully Antique Audio Amplifier
           The Power Jack 3500W inverter 
           Practical transformer winding 
           A homemade replacement for the Yaesu FTS-8 subtone encoder 
           High efficiency, legal limit, solid state HF power amplifiers: Just theory, not a practical project yet.
           Digimodes improvement for the TS-450/690
           Voice identifier for a repeater station
           High power LED flashlight
           160V 3A DC motor power supply
           GPS-based frequency standard
           Version #2 of my active HiFi speakers
           Portable oscilloscope 
           Power inductor tester
           Voltage regulator for synchronous generator
           Control loops
           KISSCAD freeware
           Building an SDR around a Red Pitaya
           Designing and building conical horn antennas
           Ferrite core loss in HF power applications
           Voltage regulator for brushless synchronous generator with harmonic excitation winding
           A 50W LDMOSFET HF linear amplifier for the Red Pitaya

       Homo ludens volatrix (free flying)

           Growing wings: The full story of how I took up Free Flying with a powered paraglider.
           Storage and transport
           Flying from Lautaro
           Flying at the Rupanco lake

       Homo ludens nauticus (my homemade foldable kayak, and yachting trips)

           Building the foldable kayak
           Down the Malleco
           The Improbable Voyage of the Capricornio
           Island hopping on the Capricornio

       Homo ludens musicus (mostly classical)

           What is good music - my personal view.
           Some thoughts about period performance practices.
           My most recommended CDs: The best of the best!
           My sister's website (in Spanish). She is a flute teacher working in Santiago.

       Homo ludens aeromodellisticus (model airplanes)

           My Piper Cub:  This is not just any Cub!
           The OS-Graupner NSU Wankel engine: An extreme powerplant for extreme applications!
           Scale planes
           Fallen angels: The most hilarious aspect of model airplane flying!
           The Ugly Bird: Building a quadcopter.

       Homo ludens andinensis (mountain climbing)

           The Antuco volcano and the Sierra Velluda
           The Chillán massif
           Cerro Plomo
           The Llaima volcano
           The Villarica volcano
           The Lonquimay volcano - including the 1988-89 eruption!

       Homo ludens photographicus (one of my oldest hobbies)

            Photography in 1913: A few scans out of old Europe's largest camera manufacturer's catalog!
               Some Ica cameras
               Projectors and accessories
               Other items
            My photo equipment, old and new.
            A lense roundup, that shows what each focal length can do. Including microphotography.
            The Mighty Manfred/Manfrotto Tripod, homebuilt, sturdy, versatile and beautiful.
            In the pursue of sharpness, including unsharp girlfriends.
            Monitor adjustment: Here are a few test charts to see if your monitor is delivering halfways decent performance.
            When Provia turned blue: Sloppy processing by commercial labs forced me to start home-processing my slides.
            Making lenses at home: How I made condensor lenses for a slide projector.
            The Photo Gallery includes a bit of everything, sorted by theme. Have a look, you will surely find some photos you like!
              Early Masterworks
              Rural Chile
              Boats and Ships
              Fungi and lichens
              Weather phenomena
              Cities and towns
              Special effects
              Multiple exposure
              The moon
              Still life
            Stories in Photos: An extension to the gallery, showing longer photo series about various events.
              Andacollo - A Feast of Color
              Gualliguaica - The drowning Town
              An UFO in the night sky
            A photographer's camera: My ideas about a camera designed for photographers
            The Color of White Light

       Homo ludens philosophicus   (odds and ends)

           The truth about electric cars
           Units of measurement
           Not enough jobs?
           The throw-away society
           The Canon ink-wasting machine

       Homo ludens forestalis (setting up home in my little paradise)

           Nature 2
           Setting up camp
           Improving the road
           Building the little cabin
           Installing a water supply
           Eruption of the Llaima volcano
           The microhydro installation
           Building the round house

       Homo ludens mechanicus  (all things mechanical)

           A dust free circular saw
           A compressor made with fridge technology
           The NPW fan clutch scam

         Frequently asked questions, and my contact information