Stories in photos

As an addition to my photo galleries, here are a few longer series of photos about specific themes. Be sure to properly set the controls of your monitor. The background on this page should be a dark gray, not black but close. Be patient if you are on a slow connection, because these stories contain a lot of medium resolution photos! You can read as they load.

Andacollo - A Feast of Color: Once a year, the small mining town of Andacollo is enlivened by a swirl of colorfully dressed dancers. This is really a feast for color photography!

Gualliguaica - The drowning Town:  The construction of the Puclaro dam caused a watery death to Gualliguaica, a small town of pre-Columbian origin. Here is a photo report of old Gualliguaica's last months.

An UFO in the night sky: If I'm not sure what it is, then it's an UFO, right?

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