Homo ludens philosophicus

This modern world is so stupid! So nonsensical, so populated with people who just copy instead of finding their own way, who can't differentiate between truth and opinion, between science and belief, and who often lack even the most basic ability to understand a written text! I won't be able to help these poor people - nobody can do that, I fear. But for those other people, who are willing to read, to understand, to think, to analyze, and to form an own opinion, I added this section to my web site.

Here I will touch some specific issues that have made me think more than a few times. They can be controversial, and inevitably I will have to mix facts, as I understand them, with my opinion. If you find a fact that is wrong, please tell me, so I can fix it. If you find some of my opinions to be wrong, there is no need to tell me. You are of course entitled to opine the exact opposite!

              The truth about electric cars: What makers, sellers and advertisers try to hide from you!

              Units of measurement:   Do you know how much a donkeypower is?

              Not enough jobs?:   About the fallacy of machines stealing jobs.

              The throw-away society, or why you should never buy a Skil

              The Canon ink-wasting machine, or why you shouldn't buy a Canon printer

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