Installing the water supply    

Running water is a very essential luxury. So it was the first I implemented, after taking possession of my new little house. I purchased all the supplies, and with the help and the truck of Patricio brought them to my paradise. 500 meters of polyethylene tubing, wire, a pump, a tank, valves, etc.

While driving away from the road, one roll of pipe seeked freedom, jumped off the truck and rolled downhill. We had to chase it far away! It's in the middle of this photo, still rolling happily down the grass! A last chance for fun for the poor pipe, before having to start working!

The pump was very professionally installed with wire on an old log, firmly secured to bamboo, aside the spring.

An equally professional housing protects it from the rain.

The pipe and wire run through grassland and forest, shown here before being buried.

And here we have it! The first water! The elixir of life, starting to fill my tank! A float switch controls the pump.

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