In july 2010 I got significant snowing in my little paradise.



At first, the soil is still warm enough to melt the snow as soon as it falls. After some hours, though, it starts accumulating.



Animals continue their normal activities, even if a snow crust builds up on their backs. The plumage is clearly good insulation!



The Round House got its roof painted white.



Vegetation gets packed with snow. The heavy load bends down branches, and even breaks some.



My father's forest bench is getting a soft but cold cushion.



The next morning everything looked bright. My paradise sits above the clouds.



Sun rises behind the wintery hualle stand.



But the next night brings more snow, of the sticky sort that clings to everything. My bamboo antenna mast flexes under the load.



This tree is carrying close to a ton of snow!



But this day again I get some blue sky.



A snow-packed treetop.



This is probably the crown of the Snow King.



Exposed to the sun, and a light breeze, the trees soon start dumping their cargo.



Fog comes in.



And it snowed again...



This is my road! Needless to say, some pruning was in order before I could think about getting through.



The trail to the turbine intake also needed some work.



Some trees, already bent by the snow of years ago, have increased their curvature.




At this point, about 35 cm of snow had accumulated.



Denser vegetation is completely covered by snow. More open trees can shed it more easily.



This is my raspberry plantation!



Some shrubs are totally covered. And the snow clings to the house's roof.



The tin roof of the little cabin instead allows the snow to slide down, at least in part. This poor cabin is still crippled from the earthquake, sitting on provisional supports.



The sunset was quite colorful! 



The hualle stand gets lit by a flaming red sun.



There it is!


Signing off.




Time for the full moon to rise.



Again a perfect morning!



But COLD! My house's roof looked like the jaws of an overblown dinosaur in a bad movie! 



More icicles...



And some more...




Not even my porch was spared!



The snow already shows the trails I left walking through it.



But I'm not the only one walking the snow. This little fellow is practicing winter sports too.



When the sun had softened the snow enough to allow using the car, I drove downtown and got some more supplies. There might well be some more severe snowing now, which would lock me in for some time.

 Let me end this page with a plug: I can't help hearing in my mind the Norwegian song "Sne" (Snow), by Sigurd Lie, so masterfully performed by Marius Engstrom and the Solvguttene. Highly recommended! 

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