Setting up camp  

I arrived in my paradise in early spring, hoping to start roadbuilding and home construction at once. Until then, I would simply live in my car. I have it equipped for camping. It even has a hot shower, implemented by means of a container with showerhead that is placed on the roof. The water is heated either by the sun, or by a 12 Volt electric heater during long travel.

 This is the kitchen and dining room:

And this is the bedroom. Long enough, warm and nice.

I had several nights with ice like this forming on the car's roof, but still I was warm inside, thanks to a very good sleeping bag!

Only when it came to about -8 degrees, did it start to get a little cold. These ice flowers grew on the inside of my car windows!

While it rains, I got out of and into the car under an umbrella, but still during longer bad weather spells the inside got wet by this. Tired by having wet clothes and wet car seats, I purchased a nice roof, under which I can open the car door without water coming in. This was a substantial improvement in quality of live! 

When the road became usable, I moved up the hill, and added sides to the tent.

I have a super automatic clothes washer. It consists of the creek, a string, and a tree to which I can tie my clothes!

But if they are too dirty, they need soaking for a while in warm water. Notice the super extra camping style collapsible washing container (for the slow thinkers among my readers, it's a supermarket plastic bag!). The sun provides the warmth. It's a good idea to put the dark clothes on top while doing this.

And here, the first visitor who stayed for a weekend at my place, Charlotte, sharing a rather modest meal taken from my almost depleted supplies, and a good bottle of wine she brought!

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