Homo ludens musicus

Beware of the man who has no music in his heart!   (William Shakespeare)

First of all I must post an important disclaimer: What you will not find in this page is... lots of music for downloading!   I don't want to risk copyright problems by posting music samples, even if I would so much like to show you a few! But then, look at the bright side of thist: At least my music pages will load quickly, being just text! :-)

What I do offer  now is this:

- My personal opinion on what is good music.

- Some thoughts about period performance practices.

- The best of the best: My most recommended CDs!

- My sister's website: She is a flute teacher working in Santiago, Chile. Her website is in Spanish.

Occasionally I loose some of my time trying hard to compose music. I'm certainly no match for Mozart, neither in quality nor in quantity of output! In about the same amount of  time he took to write The Magic Flute, a dozen piano concertos and a bunch of of symphonies, I was barely able to write a little 2-minute piece, called Caminando por Cerros, which would be Walking the Mountains. I'm providing it only because so many people ask me whether I make some music too. And the copyright is mine, so I CAN post it!  Enjoy it, if you can...  :-)

Caminando por Cerros (MP3)

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