Homo ludens mechanicus    

Although my trade and profession is in the electronics area, my hobbies reach out far beyond. Mechanics has a certain appeal: It's so simple, and one can grab that big stuff so well! I will never become a good mechanic, because I do NOT enjoy getting my hands dirty with oil and rust and soil and dust. So I don't know whether I could say that mechanics is one of my hobbies...

Anyway, I have done a few things in mechanics, most of them out of necessity, and will over time add a few pages about mechanical stuff.

A dust free circular saw:  Have you ever used a circular saw? Did you choke in sawdust? Then read this!
A compressor made with fridge technology: The sealed compressor from a fridge, an old freon tank, a few more parts, and there's your compressed air source.

The NPW fan clutch scam: How I got scammed with a car spare part. Buyers beware!

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