Homo ludens nauticus

Have you ever wished you had a boat that can be stored in a small space, easily taken everywhere, yet be a lot faster and usable than the typical inflatable toys? Well, I did. And such boats have been commercially available for around 100 years, but they are quite expensive. The final solution to my wish was building my own foldable kayak. On these pages you will find a story of the boat's construction, and one of a typical trip using it.

Building the foldable kayak: The story of a busy winter

Down the Malleco: A shallow river, a beautiful lake, and a surprise at its end

It's great to have a yacht, but it's much better to have a friend who has a yacht! Here are my travel reports from trips on the Capricornio, in the waters of southern Chile:

The Improbable Voyage of the Capricornio

Island Hopping on the Capricornio

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